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What is the Program?

There’s nothing worse than trying to start a fire with wet wood. It’s a miserable intensive process that’s not only difficult, but also creates excessive smoke and particulates.  What’s the remedy? Collecting firewood well in advance of the winter season, at least six months, and protecting that firewood from the elements. The best protection is a woodshed with a solid roof that protect from wind and rain. These sheds can be somewhat spendy to make, which is why the Community Woodshed Program came into being. 

The program’s pilot, which occurred in 2019, was made possible thanks to donations from Stingfield Lumber and Oakridge Hardware. The Oakridge High School wood shop students and Boy Scout  Antonio Turtura built and delivered 24 sheds with support from Trish Maxfield & Justin Overdevest of Good Company. Their success and hard work demonstrated how important these programs are to the residence in Oakridge. Thanks to grant funding awarded to South Willamette Solutions in 2020, the Community Woodshed Program is underway once again. The sheds are built under the guidance of Ed Mooneyham, the current wood shop teacher at Oakridge High School and delivered by Brock's Wood Lot. 

If you have not already done so, please give Oakridge Air a call at 541-782-3422 to be on the list to receive a free woodshed. Priority will be given to senior citizens, folks who are disabled, and those who are low income.

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