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Community Firewood Program


About the Program

The Community Firewood Program provides seasoned firewood to the community. Over 80% of sales have gone to low-income, senior, or disabled residents. The program started as a Southern Willamette Forest Collaborative project in partnership with the City of Oakridge, Inbound LLC, and LRAPA. The Community Firewood Program firewood is at or below the 20% fuel moisture threshold. 

Program Goals

  1. Help vulnerable members of our community

  2. Create local jobs

  3. Improve air quality by ensuring dry wood is available for our community

  4. Repurpose logging slash into firewood

  5. Provide reputable, affordable, seasoned firewood

Firewood Pricing


Standard Pricing

$200 per cord


Subsidized Pricing*

$175 per cord

*Senior, low-income, disabled, and sole source

IMG_6098 (3).JPG

Optional Delivery and Stacking

Delivery: $0


Optional Stacking: $30 per cord

*Subsidized sales are available for sole source or low-income homes that have a Home Heating Exemption. Home Heating Exemption applications are available online or at City Hall and the Oakridge Air office. Subsidized sales are also available to seniors and disabled individuals.

Contact the Community Firewood Program



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