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Home Heating Upgrades

Oakridge and Westfir Residents:

Would your home benefit from free heating upgrades?

Please click the Qualification Questionnaire button below to determine if you qualify for FREE home heating upgrades and weatherization for your home.

The home heating upgrades program strives to improve air quality in our community. Our first priority is to update old or uncertified wood stoves to new, efficient ones. Our second priority is to provide a secondary source of efficient, electric heating. The final priority is to upgrade insulation, air sealing, or perform small repairs. All projects in the final priority must support our air quality improvement efforts!

Many Home Heating Upgrades participants have received upgrades. See photos below!





If you are interested in receiving free home heating upgrades, please take the time to fill out our Qualification Questionnaire:

Filling out the questionnaire will provide us with all the information we need from you to determine if your home qualifies for the Home Heating Upgrade program. Please see the FAQs for more information about how we prioritize homes.


The community-wide phase of this program started in July 2021 and will be serving qualifying homes into 2026, so please be patient! If you have already taken the questionnaire your response has been recorded, so there’s no need to take it again!


We have enough funding to serve at least 145 homes in the areas, so please note we may not be able to serve all homes that are interested.


If you have any questions about the questionnaire or the Home Heating Upgrades program, please call us at 541-782-3422 ext. #1 or email us at

We appreciate your patience and look forward to serving the Oakridge-Westfir community!

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